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RegistrySmart one click registry fix  v.3.42

RegistrySmart is the intelligent choice for 1-Click PC error diagnostics and repair. RegistrySmart scans your file system and registry in minutes. All corrupt files, paths, and registry keys are analyzed and automatically repaired.

Repair Illustrator File Free  v.1.0

Repair Illustrator File Free is the market leading app to repair Illustrator files which is only available from our secure download site. Repair Illustrator File Free is a very powerful Adobe Illustrator file repair software utility, however it has

File Repair  v.2.1

File Repair is the best tool to repair your corrupted files. It will scan your files, repair file errors and recover data in them as much as possible, so to minimize the loss in file corruption. File Repair repairs files corrupted due to virus

OCX/DLL Manager  v.1.1.0

Quickly register your OCX and DLL files through an easy to use interface.

DLL Export Viewer  v.1.55

This utility displays the list of all exported functions and their virtual memory addresses for the specified DLL files. You can easily copy the memory address of the desired function, paste it into your debugger, and set a breakpoint for this memory

XLS Repair Free  v.1.0

Excel File Repair Tool is a very powerful error detection and .xls file repair tool. You will not find Excel File Repair Tool in the shops - you can only download Excel File Repair Tool from our secure download site, which takes a few seconds and

Repair AI file Free  v.1.0

Adobe Illustrator is used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world - it is one of the most popular graphics packages on the market today. When an Adobe Illustrator file is damaged or corrupted, perhaps because of a hardware failure, or

Rizone 0x80070005 FIX  v.

As the name implies, 0x80070005 FIX will simply attempt to repair the dreaded 0x80070005 error messages when trying to register dll files while installing certain Windows components or programs. Sometimes you will not get this specific error number,

BetaSys Harddisk Cataloging  v.0.1

Utility for easily cataloging files for special search purposes. Example usage of this utility include finding duplicate files, old unused files or unused DLL files.

Windows Programming/Debugging Tools  v.1.11

Small utilities package that can be used by programmers for debugging and research. Including, DLL Export Viewer which scans the dll files in the desired folder and find all exported API and COM interfaces, GDIView which displays the list of all GDI

TM Icon Extractor  v.1.00

Grab any icons number from exe- and dll-files. Choose the file from which you'd like to grab icons and they are grabbed. Then simply point the path to save icons on your computer.

CurrProcess  v.1.11

CurrProcess utility displays the list of all processes currently running on your system. For each process, you can view the list of all modules (DLL files) that the process loads into memory.

X-Con Spyware Destroyer Suite  v.

- Freezes malware to prevent execution, or evading scan- Stops and removes malware services- Kills malware related processes- Scans and removes registry malware- Scans for malware dll files, unregisters them and deletes them- Folder Scan- Quick Scan-

WirelessKeyView  v.1.26

It allows you to easily save all keys to text/html/xml file, or copy a single key to the clipboard.WirelessKeyView doesn't require any installation process or additional DLL files. Just copy the executable file (WirelessKeyView.exe) to any folder you

AI Gac Extractor  v.1.1

AI Gac Extractor 1.1 offers a useful lightweight app for any developer wanting to copy assemblies from the .NET Global Assembly Cache. Using the tool, you can rip (extract) dll files from the GAC with minimal effort. Simply select the dll from the

IconScanner  v.2.1

IconScanner browses a directory of your choice and copies of the icons and exe-dll-files in the specified

Krapplets IconView  v.1.1

Iconview is an icon file viewer. It can be used to view icons in any file on your computer. It also creates icon files from 32-bit exe and dll files. It has a full install and uninstall

BEE Lisp  v.1.1

BEE Lisp is a superficial expandable compiler for Lisp language which allows to create completely independent EXE and DLL files. In contrast with the majority of analogues executable files created by this compiler do not demand presense of any

AGfUPX  v.1.0

AGfUPX is a nice GUI for UPX with many advantages. Selecting a file using drag & drop, shell integration (adding "Open with AGfUPX" option to the context menu of exe/dll files) and redirecting UPX output to a windows dialog box are only few of

TinyLibs  v.1.0

TinyLibs is a set of .Net dll files that make it easier to do common things. Each dll file is centered around clean code that is small and easy to use.

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